2017 Laws Affecting You by Company Size

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Did you know that different laws apply to different business sizes? Whether you have 2, 15, 25, 50 or more employees, under CA law, you are required to follow different sets of and wage and hour rules, regulation, and labor … Read More

Best Interview Technique You Never Use

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The more questions you ask, the more you learn about a job candidate, right? Wrong. Here’s a better strategy. By Jeff Haden Contributing editor, at Inc. Eventually, almost every interview turns into a question-and-answer session. You ask a question. The … Read More

California Raises Minimum Wage

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California Raises Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour and Increases Minimum Salary for Exempt Employees On April 4, 2016, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 3, which will increase California’s minimum wage annually, reaching $15 per hour for employers with at … Read More

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